Bard – South Fork New River Stream Stabilization Project

The Bard Project on the South Fork New River is underway. This project is funded by a Clean Water Management Trust Fund grant and a NCDWR grant which was awarded to the

local non-profit, New River Conservancy, in 2016. The project site includes approximately 5,400 feet of the South Fork New River. Before the project started this section of stream was unstable, degrading, and highly erosive. The goal of the project is to improve both aquatic and terrestrial habitat, to ehance the biological health of the stream, reduce streambank erosion and sediment deposition, and to restore the floodplain connectivity and function. This is being achieved by the implementation of modern natural stream channel design methods such as boulder and toe-wood structures for grade control and the establishment of a healthy riparian zone containing a diverse variety of native woody vegetation. The Bard Project should be complete in December 2017.


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