Environmental Permitting

Our staff of professionals has many years of successful experience working with the regulatory community in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Whether federal, state, or local regulation or a combination of these is applicable, our staff has a clear understanding of the regulatory hurdles a project will face and can guide our clients through the process. Typical permitting projects include: US Army Corps 404 permitting, State (NCDENR) 401 permitting, Erosion and Sediment Control plans, Floodway (no-impact/no-rise) related permitting, local stormwater management planning and permitting including a thorough understanding of the Town of Boone’s Unified Development Ordinance.

Our Team’s reputation in the regulatory community proves valuable in any given stream restoration project. The trust we have earned with the US Army Corps of Engineers, NCDENR Division of Water Quality, local planning and inspection offices, and the NC Floodplain Mapping Program staff allows us to move through the permitting phase of a project seamlessly. We pride ourselves in a proactive and transparent approach to communication with regulators at all levels of government as well as with our clients.