Stream and Wetland Restoration

Brushy Fork personnel are well-trained in wetland sciences, Natural Channel Design, hydrology, and fluvial geomorphology. We are highly trained in respect to the Rosgen Geomorphic approach to stream design with decades of combined Team experience. We have designed, permitted, and implemented more than seven linear miles of Natural Channel Design work. Our projects range from private funded streambank stabilization to grant- funded watershed planning and restoration.  We offer our clients turn-key restoration projects from planning through implementation.

Our staff has also developed and overseen the construction of multiple wetland and stream mitigation plans intended to offset proposed impacts to aquatic resources.  These plans include design, permitting, implementation and monitoring. These have been implemented in the form of “mitigation banks” as well as on- and off-site mitigation work associated with roadway construction projects.  We also have extensive experience in post-mitigation monitoring of stream and wetland features.