Adam Williams, PWS, TN QHP


Adam Williams, President Brushy Fork Environment Consulting, Inc. Hard at Work.


  • Natural Resource Restoration
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Stream Physical and Biological Monitoring
  • Watershed/Riparian Corridor Assessment
  • Stormwater Management
  • Agricultural Best Management Practices
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

B.S. Ecology and Environmental Biology with concentration in Sustainable Development and Hydrology – Appalachian State University

From an early age Adam had a love for the outdoors! Mr. Williams has over 15 years experience as an aquatic ecologist and Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS). His technical expertise is specific to managing natural resource restoration projects start to finish. Adam specializes in taking a design vision and implementing that vision in an efficient, cost-effective manner. His post-graduate training focuses on the field of fluvial geomorphology and surface water regulation allowing him a well-rounded knowledge of federal, state, and local regulation. Adam has also been involved in multiple innovative stormwater projects intended on reducing impervious runoff within an urban context. Mr. Williams appreciates the opportunity to live in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and will do everything that he can to promote conservation and protect the natural resources that he and his family lives within!