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Stream Restoration

Many factors contribute to stream bank erosion and instability, including increased upstream development, poor agricultural practices, and destruction of the riparian buffer. Sometimes stream degradation gradually worsens over a period of many years, while other times a major storm event can severely damage a reach over a period of just…

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Stream and Wetland Delineation

Accurate assessment of sensitive areas is critical to project success. Whether you’re a conservation-minded developer, a private homeowner, or in the market for a piece of land, it’s imperative to know if there are jurisdictional streams or wetlands on the property. In most scenarios you cannot build within wetlands or streams, or their…

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Stream and wetland restoration is becoming increasingly essential in the ongoing quest to balance anthropogenic development and the resulting impacts to the environment. The construction of roads and communities often negatively impacts wetlands, streams and other critical habitat for plants and animals, resulting in overall environmental degradation over time. Construction may also result…

image showing example bfec project image showing example bfec project
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What is a Wetland Delineation and do I need one?

Wetlands and streams are important resources, both to humans and the environment, and knowing their boundaries is important to your development or project. If you own a property you plan on developing or building on for private or commercial reasons, it is important to know where you can or cannot…

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Environmental Consulting and Wetlands

Environmental Consultants Here at Brushy Fork Environmental Consulting, Inc., one of the main services we provide as environmental consultants to the residents of Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina are Jurisdictional Wetland Determinations. Wetlands and streams are considered Waters of the United States and must be identified before construction or…

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