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Stream Restoration

Many factors contribute to stream bank erosion and instability, including increased upstream development, poor agricultural practices, and destruction of the riparian buffer. Sometimes stream degradation gradually worsens over a period of many years, while other times a major storm event can severely damage a reach over a period of just…

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Stream and Wetland Delineation

Accurate assessment of sensitive areas is critical to project success. Whether you’re a conservation-minded developer, a private homeowner, or in the market for a piece of land, it’s imperative to know if there are jurisdictional streams or wetlands on the property. In most scenarios you cannot build within wetlands or streams, or their…

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Stream and wetland restoration is becoming increasingly essential in the ongoing quest to balance anthropogenic development and the resulting impacts to the environment. The construction of roads and communities often negatively impacts wetlands, streams and other critical habitat for plants and animals, resulting in overall environmental degradation over time. Construction may also result…

image showing example bfec project image showing example bfec project
News article relavant to BFEC


Payne Branch Project Comes to Fruition

Resource Institute “Brushy Fork Environmental Consulting, Inc. completed the assessment, engineering, and design.  North State Environmental constructed the project last summer and early fall.” “The decommissioned hydroelectric dam on Payne Branch prior to removal. The dam posed a significant safety risk.” Read the full article at the Resource Institute Inc here.

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Appalachian Today “How the New River Got it’s Flow Back”

Fantastic article from Appalachian today about the Payne Branch Environmental Restoration. How New River got its flow back: App State’s NRLP completes Payne Branch environmental restoration project

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