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Dutch Creek Project Video

Posted by jereme on November 20, 2020

Brushy Fork Environmental assisted Blue Ridge Conservancy with the Dutch Creek Project at Valle Crucis Park by designing, permitting and constructing the restoration. This will allow for enhanced recreation access…

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What is Natural Channel Stream Design?

Posted by jereme on October 5, 2020

Natural Channel Design (NCD) is a method of stream restoration accomplished by restoring the dimension, pattern, and/or profile of a degraded stream system by emulating natural, stable conditions. NCD was…

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Stream Restoration Recap -Shipley Farms blog

Posted by jereme on September 3, 2020

Read Shipley Farms write up of the Linville Creek Restoration Project 2019-2020

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What is Environmental Consulting?

Posted by jereme on August 4, 2020

Environmental Consulting includes a variety of services focused on servicing customers as well as protecting essential ecological features such as streams and wetlands. At Brushy Fork, this means we assist…

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Additional Information About the Payne Branch Dam Project

Posted by jereme on July 10, 2020

Restoration of Payne Branch area to begin July 20 – Watauga Democrat Related Articles Payne Branch Project History and Information Payne Branch Restoration Project Starts Construction in July Payne Branch…

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Payne Branch Project History and Information

Posted by jereme on June 25, 2020

Brushy Fork Environmental is excited to be collaborating on a project to remove the Payne Branch Dam this summer! The Payne Branch Dam, located on the Middle Fork New River…

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Payne Branch Restoration Project Starts Construction in July

Posted by jereme on June 2, 2020

Payne Branch Restoration Project Starts Construction in July, read about the project and Brushy Forks involvement here.

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Brushy Fork Stream Restoration Project: Summer 2020

Posted by jereme on May 26, 2020

Restoration has begun on Linville Creek in Vilas, North Carolina! Brushy Fork Environmental Consulting, Inc. recently broke ground on a restoration project that will stabilize over 3,000 linear feet of…

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What is a Wetland Delineation and do I need one?

Posted by jereme on April 24, 2020

Wetlands and streams are important resources, both to humans and the environment, and knowing their boundaries is important to your development or project. If you own a property you plan…

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Environmental Consulting and Wetlands

Posted by jereme on February 25, 2020

Environmental Consultants Here at Brushy Fork Environmental Consulting, Inc., one of the main services we provide as environmental consultants to the residents of Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina are…

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