Stream and Wetland Delineation

Accurate assessment of sensitive areas is critical to project success. Whether you’re a conservation-minded developer, a private homeowner, or in the market for a piece of land, it’s imperative to know if there are jurisdictional streams or wetlands on the property. In most scenarios you cannot build within wetlands or streams, or their buffers, without getting a permit from local, state, or federal agencies. To comply with local, state, and federal regulations you will need to locate the stream or wetland boundaries and their buffer widths. This is when you’d need a stream or wetland delineation. During this process an environmental professional will locate, assess, and delineate the streams or wetlands in question. BFEC examines a variety of characteristics, including hydrology, biology, vegetation, soils, and geomorphology, when conducting stream and wetland delineations. Following delineation, BFEC will provide you with a Jurisdictional Determination Report and jurisdictional site map showing stream and wetland boundaries. Once you know the boundaries and buffers of any features on site BFEC can assist you in permitting or can assist you in avoiding impacts all together. BFEC is experienced in stream and wetland delineations in both North Carolina and Tennessee.

environmental consultants measuring in a field